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#100 Days of Our Team

This week we are celebrating our 100 days of almost 1000 working hours of 20 Technocomers. We have been discussing internally of different ways to celebrate this important milestone: (a) a simple dinner (b) a picnic camping and (c) an overnight party for appreciating the team effort. We have worked hard and we have decided to play hardddderrrrr this time so (c) is obviously the choice that we will get together this weekend of 18 and 19 of May.

And hey, this is our very first video with directors and producers and of courses our actors made by all of ‘us’:

Our First company Video

Are you curious where are we going to party this weekend? here you are:

On the behalf of Technocom, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our colleagues, to our families, to our clients, to our partners and to anyone supporting us in the past 100 days and we are committed to making another remarkable upcoming 100 days.

and these are some moments of our celebration:

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