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Contribute To Making Danang City Smarter Place

Today, we are glad to welcome the visit of the head of the local ICT department of Danang. The major topic is to discuss collaboration opportunities to make Danang, a bit smarter city. Recently, Technocom has received very positive news with our partner in South Korea. With the (fund) support of their government, our partner would like to bring their e-Gov software product to Danang where Technocom plays an important role as the bridge of making this happen. Danang’s ICT Director expressed their interest and willingness to participate in realizing this opportunity for the local government and we are together planning to take this further on this year.

Shaking hands between Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh (ICT Director of Danang City) and Mr. Huy Nguyen (CEO of Technocom)

The local government is also asking our support of bringing the initial development of Danang city apps such as Feedback app, Bus app, and Give-And-Take app further on as these apps were the joint-effort (as founders) between the head of the local ICT department and our leader in the past few years.

The ICT Director was aware of the early stage of our start-up and we received his wishes for the success of our new adventure:

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