Does Offshoring help?

September 19, 2019 in Business Vibes

Does Offshoring help?

The demand for highly-skilled technical talents is becoming a world-resourcing challenge in this Industry 4.0. You can easily get a few connection requests on Linkedin every day and receive calls from Recruiters. We are not discussing whether they are real recruitment requests or strengthening their pipeline resources. At least, while working in this Technology industry, we know it is not easy to ramp up qualified resources in a short time; especially in the West!

What would be a solution for corporates to keep their go-to-market deadline while maintaining their R&D budget?

M&A can be a quick solution but how many companies are affordable for that? Many companies have the focus on developing their talents while they also face a challenge to meet the deadline and the fact: talents are shared on the labor market (and every company is doing their best to retain their most valuable assets). So, collaborating on resources at different places, where you still have the flexibility to ramp up or down for different timing of your business heart-beat, can be a solution. In this post, we are talking about offshoring delivery model with a development team in the East, starting with a few advantages:

Cost Saving

"Cash is the King", saving means saving cash or help you to use those saving costs for other activities: marketing, business development or spending better employee benefits for your team.

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Time to focus on your Go-To-Market vs. Time to focus on your lessons learned, either way, has pros and cons. Most of the times the people are busy entering existing markets but not making enough time to innovate new markets. While having good partners to care for your development activities, this can reduce your development time and you can spend time for other innovative tactics and strategies; e.g: connecting with your clients on special occasions to prepare for your launching-product-campaign.

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Strategy Focus

One of the strategy choices is what a company will do itself and when it will reply to suppliers. There is a spectrum of possibilities, from create and make itself, via outsourcing, to buy. The "Core-Key-Based Technology Model", from the Systems Architecting: A Business Perspective book written by G. Muller, has brought tips and insights for corporates of taking the decision of what and how to outsource to key partners. As a short summary: you can stay focus on your strategy while leveraging your key-partners to take care of your development activities.

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Last week-end, our team celebrated our 'win' (celebrations are a part of our DNA) of having a successful project wrap-up meeting with our Partner in the West.

Here are the Facts of this successful project of our delivery model of combining the strengths between the West and the East: Different Oceans, Together Delivering Successfully!

months earlier of 8 months planned

Q-Factor: DEFECTS :(


We were very happy to bring added values from our experience to our partner for this joint-success and we are doing our utmost best to strengthen this partnership. With different business models from our offering services: Web Applications Development, Enterprise Software Development, Web Applications Development and Flexible Dedicated Team, we feel confident to bring this success story to other partners globally from our passion for Technologies.

Yes, we can help you!

Are you curious of how did we make this happened? With 10 years of experience in this offshoring delivery model, we are confident to bring your development going forward!

Don't hesitate to drop your challenge(s) to us: [email protected] - We will get back to you within 19+1 hours.

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