Can we eat core values?

As an example, each of us is living with our principles to live and work. That goes with any organizing sticking with core values; which are the essence of the company’s identity – our principles, beliefs, and philosophies.


Yes, we can eat KFC? :)

A fun and real fact: KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) reminds the KFC store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands during the education period of one of our Technocomers. He enjoyed every Tuesday evening of eating hot wings as his dinner meals (sometimes also grabbing a coke at a nearby supermarket). This helped him to reduce the living expenses of his student life. Every time, he traveled on business trips to Eindhoven, he always tried to eat at the KFC store in the city center.

K of Keeping Things Clean

We are responsible for our dirt by Keeping things clean in our works as well as in our working space.

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F of First-Time making Mistakes

First-time-learned and Second-time-right: we dare to make mistakes for the first time.

C of Commitment

Commit to going with extra miles: we deliver on the promise.

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"Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

H of HOT

We want to build an Honest, Open & Transparent relationships in our way of working and our communication.

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E of Engaging & Empowerment

Engaging people with having our social activities and we do celebrate our achievements.

We believe that a group is smarter than a single person and we grow the company by giving trust and empowering authorities to other team members towards a common goal.

L of Learning & Laughs

We care for our future by pursuing our growth and keeping our ears open for continuous learning activities.
We laugh & hug; we believe laughing is better for our health. :-)

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P of People-Oriented & Process Minded

We sincerely care for our People.
We put Process first, actions follow.


We think it is cool to be smart and we think it is sexy to be smart! :)

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S of Staying Focused

We get home on time for our family by Staying focused at work.

M of Motivated

Being Motivated to building a positive team improves our productivity.

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A of A Scores

We strive for excellence in aiming for A scores in delivering WOW through our engineering services.

R of Respect

We Respect each other by giving constructive feedback.

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T of Teamwork & Technology

We value Teamwork as a united team with our passion for Technology.