Interpreter. Land

Throughout the course of human evolution on Earth, language has proven to be a key element. It is an irreplaceable companion of human being; thus, people pay a great deal of time and effort on it as well as establish the whole science of language. 

There are about 6500 languages on Earth; in which Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic are the 5 most spoken ones in the world. That’s already ways too many for an individual to learn! You may speak your mother tongue and another foreign language; but not everyone possesses that privilege. Not being able to communicate is a great encumbrance.

In light of that, ‘Interpreter. Land’ was born to serve the utmost purpose which is overpassing the language barrier and connecting people around the globe. We help you find an online interpreter within seconds, using the pool model similar to Uber or Grab. 

All you need is your smartphone with our app on it and connection to 3G/4G or Internet. You are now instance away from being the global citizen. 

Why Interpreter. Land?

-We assist you anytime, anywhere, one click away and we’ll get you there. 

-The app is well designed, support both iOS and Android users

-Speak to the locals using real local experts, say GOODBYE to word-à-word translation by Google

-No heavily-carrying-around All-in-One for dummies books

-All brought in for you at NO charge!!! 

The story

Client’s problem: The client has come to Technocom asking to help him developping a mobile app that can realize his dream to reality, which is to provide a platform that connects interpreters and people in need of the service around the world. He wishes to assist people to be able to communicate in a faster and more efficient manner, even though they cannot speak the desired language. The app would mitigate all the possible variance that might affect the translation quality by using real people interpreters, rather than other apps on the market that allow users to translate language by machine. 

How we solved it:  After considering, we propose building a mobile application to help the usersfindtheirinterpreters. The client could sign up an account, add some special information in his field and find interpreters who are suitable with his specific language skills request. We also propose features such as chat, voice call, recording, control the call and playback. On top of top, we built a nice UI/UX for better users experiences.

How did we improve their work? Through the app, we help increase the translation quality. Clients and interpreters also can communicate better in the conversation. Everything is just simpler and easier to control.

1: Set up interface language

2: Login (Sign up as client/ Sign up as interpreter)

3: Choose languages that you want to interprete/translate

4: Select category (We recommend choosing ‘Customers Services’

5: Find interpreters 

6: Invite chosen interpreter

7: If they accept you invitation, a pop-up will be displayed, click it to go to the conversation

8: Call them. Enjoy your translated conversation

9: Settings: end call, end conversation, internal/external speaker

Your feedbacks are crucial to help us make the app perfect. Please do not forget to download the demo version of the app and let us know how we could enhance your experience. With your willingness to support, we are looking at connecting more people more often. Let’s overcome international boundaries together. 

Read more about the app here, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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