Quality is our strategic focus!

May 16, 2019 in Technocomers

Quality is our strategic focus!

What came to your mind after watching this video?

Video Source: Reddit/u/Morty_Goldman

From the video, you can see that 3 players can score a goal to their opponent team of 100 players :-)

As a Technology engineering provider to our partners, quality is one of the crucial parameters in project management. We strongly believe that hiring contributes a major part in determining software quality. Of course, every corporate prefers of hiring great people but the question is: how easy is it?

For us, we have been using this EAT criterion for many years to evaluate applicants: E = English, A = Attitude and T = Technical skills. And it is important that we focus on building a positive culture and the environment to support the growth and career development of the people.

And yes, we are hiring. You can check out the vacancies over here: https://technocom.asia/work-with-us/

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