Lab for Future Technologies

One of our company tactics is to invest in learning and getting familiar with new technologies; as we want to adapt on changes.

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IoT Applications

We have experience of developing a large scale smart home project (15 engineers innovating in a large code-base of 3 years) and also developed an intelligent smart transportation system where we can locate real-time bus locations (with GPS trackers).

When it comes to IoT, our skillsets cover GPS, Bluetooth and TCP/IP.

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AI / Machine Learning

We have been working with Research projects related to Image Processing for Face (Detection & Recognition), Eyes, Fingerprints and Medical Images (X-Ray and CT).


We have experience with Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens, and HP Mixed Reality Headset.

Huy’s team contributed to the design and development of an educational-platform consisting out of VR, MR and PC apps. I have experienced working with a very passionate team that delivers on-time and go beyond requested!

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F. Kaylani
Creative Director @ Wismo Tech / Australia
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We are in the progress of applying BlockChain Technology in Verification and Security Applications.

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We are familiar with payment gateways (Stripe and Paypal) and are experienced with utilizing specialized technologies (mostly powering on existing applications on Mobile and Clouds) and algorithms to improve your financial operations and processeses.

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Want to learn more of our experience

We are realizing our dreams!

I have a few dreams in my life...

My career's dream is first to run a tech development house (which is DataHouse Asia of today), then we will innovate SaaS products serving our home and aiming at Global scale (which is the ambition at Technocom) and at the later stage to build a dream office hosting our work-places and supporting entrepreneurs with office space as well as how-to's of transforming their ideas into actions (the minimal step at Space19 of today).

I always wish and aim for going-far together and I really hope to team-up with many people sharing my dream. Thanks for being a part of this exciting journey!