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Technocom welcomed IT organizations and enterprises from South Korea

Technocom is delighted to welcome a number of international experts and companies this year. Some of the overarching goals of this orientation are for the guests to have a visualization of what we are doing, gain mutual understanding and strengthen the connections between two companies. In this October, we received a visit from 5+ IT organizations and enterprises from South Korea. As a positive outcome of the previous Technology Seminar, the visit signaled the normalization of relations between the two countries.

Since we expanded our office recently, we were so happy to take all the guests on the office tour. Our home isn’t too spacious, yet it well reflects our company values, inspires collaboration and more importantly, creates a delightful experience for our guests.

Beginning with the general welcome remarks, our CEO gave a brief introduction to Technocom: our business models and identity. As people are the heart of our company, talent development is one of our focuses which had been shared in the company visit.

Our technologies and project management sessions were delivered by our project manager whose sharing gave a great sense of empathy for the working experience of Korean experts and companies.

Korean visit

After the company visit, the prospect of future collaboration between South Korean, Technocom and Vietnamese enterprises as a whole became more realistic and promising. Therefore, it is hoped that this will greatly contribute to our growth in the future.

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