Our Principles


Happy Together, Cry Together

Our goal is to establish a long term, win/win relationship by caring for our partners and actively contributing to our partner’s success.  To achieve this goal, we choose our partners wisely, build trust and relationships, and always deliver on our promises.  This requires us to take a long-term view when engaging with clients rather than a short term, take the money and run perspective.

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Value Relationships

First and foremost, we value relationships and people – we support each other, our clients and our community. We trust and value our co-workers and know that we all have each other’s backs.

We constantly focus on delivering value to our clients.  


Professional, Innovation & Ownership

We are professionals hired by our clients to provide solutions and services based on our technical skills, domain knowledge, and proven capabilities.

We are driven by our passion to partner with our clients to solve their business and technical problems.

We take the initiative and have a mindset of “see the need and take the lead”.

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Values-Based Collaboration

We are constantly in a learning mindset so that our clients get the best value from our services.


Different Oceans, Together Deliver

Our development team is located in the center of Vietnam, Danang city; one of the most beautiful beach cities in the World.

With a decade of experience collaborating with our partners from the distance, we have managed to deliver successful projects to the world:
+ Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England
+ Australia: Sydney, Melbourne
+ Asia: Vietnam, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Korea
+ the US: Honolulu, New York, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County.

From Danang, we deliver globally!

Let me know what we can help you!

I am passionate with Technology and consulting neat solutions addressing business challenges.

What am I proud of our Technocomers? Top Talents with striving for Excellence every day: (A) to be on time (B) to deliver greater good (C) to be pleasant to work with. You know this ABC?

Don't hesitate to drop your challenge(s) to me: [email protected] - I will get back to you within 19+1 hours and I am confident to bring our conversation with a positive mindset going forward!

Huy Nguyen / Partnership Success / My LinkedIn

15 years of experience in Software Engineering & Consulting
10 years of experience working in Western Europe
Best Alumni @ Benelux Vietnam Business Awards 2016
Best Alumni @ EuroCham Vietnam Business Awards 2018