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We believe your happy life boosts up productivity.

We also understand you have your family (like we are, our family is first in our heart) to take care of and you need to make sure your family is good before taking care of the world. We offer flexible office hours of 40 engineering hours per week from Monday to Friday.

On the top of offering 12-holiday leaves per years according to the labor law (more leaves granted arising with your employment time), we let you stay 1 day every quarter with your family by doing us a favor: spending good time with them ♡ . We call this benefit as: Technocom Family Holidays.

Life at Technocom


What is more important than our health?

Above having social insurance cards fulfilling the labor law, we do have a premium healthcare package to get better treatments and better insurance coverage. We also encourage our colleagues to their best Health Care option among Option T & Option Y.

With having a Do-It-Yourself pingpong table in the office, we do enjoy these ping & pong moments. We also sponsor our soccer team to play with other teams in the city every week. Do you love soccer as we do?

Another small thing and it is good to mention, our working desks were designed to have your foots 'on-something :-)' so you can sit with a good posture. You know it is good for your back after a long day sitting. In addition, our desks bring you a feeling like you are sitting in a coffee shop; of course, we mean comfortable ;-)

our healthcare program
Onsite opportunities


It is not a job, we understand it is a career of yours.

When was the last time your manager paying sincere attention to your personal development? We are here sincerely paying good attention to your development because we believe your growth leads to the development of the company as well. The company can't be good without great people, rite?

We are mainly collaborating with our partners in Europe, the US, and Australia. Hence, English speaking is very naturally happening in our conversations. In our daily tea-breaks, we encourage our team to talk in different languages: English, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese and even Indian :-)

And yes, we do always look for onsite opportunities to have you flying over the other oceans so you can experience other work-environment, exchange cultural awareness and taste different foods! :) .

Our “trees” are going to make positive impacts for now and for the future.


“Once you stop learning you start dying” - Albert Einstein

We do invest in training activities for our people as we see this brings positive values for the company and also for our society. Let's consider these situations:

> A student asked us whether they need to commit to working at our company after their internship? No! it is your choice after completing your internship.

> One of our colleagues is currently working onsite at our customer's location and he asked "should we should put the commitment on paper?" we said also No, it is more about their intrinsic motivation than keep working without motivation.

> Another colleague is considering to learn a course in another city and the company is going to cover everything: flight tickets, accommodation and course fee. He is afraid to pay back all of the expenses to the company if he leaves (sadly). Also No! even he leaves the company after 1 day completing the course. Of course, we feel such a pity when any talent would leave us but on the other hand, we are happy to facilitate the way of acquiring the knowledge for him.

Heyyy, but it sounds like we are doing charity? Definitely, No! We are seriously doing our best for the company; that means we are doing our utmost best for our people; who are carrying challenges and are putting lots of effort to deliver their best to our partners.


We are very flexible and we are super caring for your job security!

We, a start-up: young, friendly, warm, engaging, people-oriented, challenging environment and great people. 'Flexible' means we first listen, we then try to understand and then we can decide to apply in a few seconds! ;-)

Yes, we understand the people need job security and we dare by granting permanent contracts to our colleagues after passing their probation as this proves our long-term commitment from the company to our talents, the most valuable assets!

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At the end of the day, you need to bring $$$ home ;-)

We are doing our best effort to bring our salary scale at the market comfort salary together with other benefits (hopefully cool to you).

With having a monthly lunch allowance, our colleagues can decide to eat or to keep for a good shape :-)

Some of our colleagues are living far from the city center so that is the reason we have decided to cover monthly gasoline travels for them. Sorry, wait... for all of the colleagues as we later on decided so!

At the end of the year, a lot of money will be spending for our family and such an excuse to buy for new clothes, so we commit paying a Tet bonus (13th salary as a part of our tradition).

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Vitamin 'cool'

Fun is a part of our DNA

Working hard is important and the celebration is also highly important. We have our daily tea-breaks with most of the times served with fruits and laughs.
These are good moments to chat, share and care to each other. We have spent a memorable annual summer 'camp' of this year together.

You know we don't have walls between us and that means we have a lot of interactions.

We love to ACHIEVE

The environment where we put the heart for the people and the mindset of daring of doing.

We love making mistakes; it is just a part of us for our growth as we dare to do and we love to win for our partners and also for our colleagues! We will tell you more about this when we meet. OK? :-)

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ZERO nicotine

It is NO Tobacco everyday at Technocom :)

A nice fact of Technocomers is that NONE of us is smoking as we are first caring for our health and paying attention to the others, especially to our family members at home.

You know that smoking kills 14,000 people everyday?! :-(

The message from the Founder

"Vietnamese can make software?"- This was the question, I was first asked in 2005 when I was an intern carrying on an internship assignment at a product development company in the Netherlands. A few months later, I was offered a job while being studying and gradually becoming one of the most valuable developers at the company. A few years ago, somebody took over my 'code' and 'docs' to modernize 'my' software packages and asked me: "Are you that Mr. Nguyen in those artifacts?". I left the very first professional company that I worked over there, following my first boss starting a new start-up after he decided to sell his company. I learned a lot at his new start-up where I was responsible as a software architect for our product development and had a great opportunity to meet and interact with the customers on feature requirements using 5 WHY's-technique.

7 years later, I was questioned again with the same question. This time I was not engineering software packages by myself but leading a competent development team. Once, we together proved that we grew from 1-employee-startup into almost 100-employees delivering software packages globally fulfilling our mission of making the world a better place with Technology: Europe (the Netherlands and Belgium), the US, Australia and Asia (Singapore and China) including our beloved motherland of Vietnam.

I have seen many good Vietnamese developers out there but there are (too) less Vietnamese Founders leading local software companies and sadly, also too less Vietnamese software products available. So, Why?

and... why not dare to fail greatly?

of achieving greater!

I sincerely invite talents to join our team. Let's together deliver our engineering services worldwide. Those are software packages stamped with made-in-Vietnam(ese) and do you feel proud of it? This is the vision of our first step and our second step is to develop (a bit) smart techies to serve our land!

Last but not least, I don't expect you to work here entire of your life but I do expect you to contribute your best while we are working together; which you know it helps your future career. In return, I do commit to giving you the best intentions when you are with us.

Your sincerely, Huy

Techonocom Milestones

What are we expecting from you?

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You are Results-Driven

We work with team members who are highly responsible for taking ownership of their assignments and drive them on their best. This helps each other achieve as a winning team.

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You embrace our Culture

We seek team members who highly aligned with as well as with our core values. This ensures we are together for a long journey.

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You are a remarkable Individual

We like to have different personalities and characteristics of our team. This brings different thinking hats on a table.

Are you a student or a fresh graduate?

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