World Health Day: April 7

April 9, 2019 in Technocomers

World Health Day: April 7

On #WorldHealthDay of April 7, we should think of the work-environment as it can impact on our health. At Technocom, we keep doing our best for the #wellbeing of our colleagues, resulting in a healthier workforce and higher productivity:


Our Ping-Pong tournament week

We are organizing a Ping-Pong tournament with our DIY Ping-Pong table, which was a working desk from a colleague at home and we tried to extend it longer :-)
This brings energy, cheers and laughs to our works.

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Our daily fruit session with green tea

Who does not love to eat some fruits?
We gather every day for our tea-break sessions with different fruits: apples, oranges, mangos, guavas, watermelons, and sometimes even pineapples.


20+ green trees in the office

We love planting trees and we love caring for our trees.
We have been planting more than 20 trees in the office.

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We are curious of what are you busy doing at your work-place for the #WorldHealthDay of April 7? :-)

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