We realize your digital transformation products or leverage your software development team aiming for a win-win & long-term journey.

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IT Modernization
Better Fit, Greater Good

We help to replace or enhance existing or legacy systems into more functional, 'modern' applications that meet constantly evolving business need and user expectations.

Minimalism Design


Responsive Design



Cross Platforms

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IoT Solutions

We develop platforms to get your physical assets connected for monitoring, optimization, in-control, and monetization.

We approached Huy with a requirement for a Cloud solution that was capable of setting-up, distributing and managing data collection for virtual shopping environments. They proved to be very competent and cost-effective and we would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

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I. Medhurst
CEO & Founder @ Buzz3D / UK
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Digital Transformation Era
xs Fishes can win!

We enable your start-up ideas into 'hero apps' running for all screen resolutions: wearable devices, phones, tablets, and desktops.




Big Data

Web Portals

Mobile Apps

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1+1 = 3

We welcome challenges from our partners and future partners as we call them new opportunities to grow and go beyond our limits. If you have a new idea and you are looking for a partner to realize your idea, you can count on us!

Huy's team has contributed to our company on several (communication) projects, both embedded and PC/Web-based and in several programming languages.

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H. Verheijen
CEO & Founder @ Aventiss Europe / NL
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Why Us?

Thanks for visiting us among your many choices!

Our Passion with Technology

We, including our Founder, have a common language of speaking technical languages. Our subjects are most of the times: Technology & Energy to spread by our heart within the company and to drive innovations for our partners; rather than 'cold' financial numbers.

Our Added Values to Yours

We value our clients as strategic partners as imagine: we are together taking off on the same airplane on the running road with our dedication, responsibility, experience and discipline process; otherwise, we would hit the barrier.

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Want a bite? You're in the right place!

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Huy's team has contributed a lot in the first stage of our company by helping us out when under pressure and being in time need. His team has always been very motivated, extremely flexible and always ready to help regardless of the time of day.

F. Ronse, CEO @ Ovinto / Belgium
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Huy’s team contributed to the design and development of an educational-platform consisting out of VR, MR and PC apps. I have experienced working with a very passionate team that delivers on-time and go beyond requested!

F. Kaylani, Creative Director @ Wismo Tech / Australia